How well prepared are you for your job search? 

Rushing in and applying for roles without thinking about what it is they really want will only lead to disappointment, says Hays CEO, Alistair Cox, in his latest LinkedIn Influencer blog.

Applying for jobs can be time consuming, meaning jobseekers should be more targeted with their search and fully understand what they are looking for, while also taking the time to really understand whether a move is right for them.

Alistair says, "More often than not, the unsuccessful candidates are those who have dived head-first into the job search process, without thinking about what they really want and what exactly they need to do to get there. As a result, they end up applying for roles that aren't necessarily right for them at this particular stage in their career."

Before rushing in to a job search, Alistair believes candidates must first consider these following steps.

1.Map out a clear career path

Securing the right role for you, rather than 'a role, right now', requires you to take a step back and answer some honest questions about what you want out of your career in the long-term.

First, think about your internal, personal traits  are your general strengths and weaknesses, what specific skills do you have and what kind of work has provided you with the most fulfilment so far in your professional life and why? What sort of environment do you thrive in? What sort of environment turns you off? Meanwhile, you must still ask questions around external factors too; is their industry facing a period of change and what could impact opportunities available to them, both now and in the future? How do your own skills compare with the wider jobs market, are you more capable than the average competition and can you transfer skills from your current position into your desired role?

Aside from determining the kind of job you actually want to be doing, answering these questions will guide you in finding a job that is suited to you. And you may recognise an attribute that sets you apart from other candidates which you can focus on highlighting to employers, or you could spot an emerging area of employment in your sector that has so far gone largely unnoticed.Taking the time to find the answers will provide you with a roadmap to success.

2.Use their current position to enrich their CV

Ask yourselves whether there is anything within you current role that could enrich your job further, as well as your CV, before looking elsewhere. Staying at a place of employment longer to develop your skills further and to ensure you have learned everything you can from the role will makeyou more employable and will help you search for your dream career in the long run.

Refining your expertise and skills is another fantastic way to flex your muscles in your current role, while also boosting your potential future value in the jobs market. It will also do wonders for your self-confidence, which is no bad thing when embarking on a job search."

3.Think about what they want to be known for

Instead of jumping headfirst into your job search, think about what you are currently known for, how you see yourself, what you want to be known for, and what needs to change for you to become the best of brand of you. Try to think about the positive traits you want people to see in you - envisage it and become it.A jobseeker's personal brand shapes their professional identity and ultimately how others view them, which could be pivotal to their success.

Taking these steps will assist a jobseeker in finding their ideal job by discovering their most valuable skills and developing them further, as well as helping them to determine the best career path for them and the right time to move.

Alistair closes by saying, "Switching employers is a significant change and long-term success should never be sacrificed for short-term satisfaction. Speaking as an employer myself, the candidates that really stand out are those with clear drive and focus, those who have a plan, not just in their day-to-day but also in their long-term career ambitions. By taking a measured approach and considering where you want to be and how best to get there, you should find yourself pulled towards an exciting new role that is right for you in 2017 and beyond." 

招聘专家瀚纳仕首席执行官Alistair Cox表示,很多人由于过于着急应聘,而没有思考自己真正需要什么,结果往往会失望。

Alistair 认为,找工作、面试会耗费大量时间与精力。所以求职者应当非常清楚他们想找什么样的工作,在搜索时有明确的目标,同时花时间真正了解自己是不是真应该换工作了。






在确定真正希望从事的工作以外,回答这些问题的过程中,你会发现自己的闪光点,从而可以向雇主重点突显这一优势,此外,还可能会发现行业中某些目前尚未注意到的新兴领域。 花一些时间找到这些问题的答案,将帮助求职者找到一份适合的工作。




在开始找工作前,你需要思考现在在别人眼中是什么样的形象,你眼中的自己,你希望给别人留下的印象,以及需要通过哪些改变建立自己的最佳品牌。尝试思考你希望别人看到的优点--预见并努力做到。 求职者的个人品牌可以构建他们的专业形象以及别人的看法,对他们的成功而言至关重要。







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